Technology by nature

We’ve finally arrived at a new frontier where we can use natural materials and design principles to produce food in a way that works with nature — rather than against it. And it turns out, plants provide all the ingredients we need to keep produce at its best from vine to kitchen. Watch how Apeel keeps produce fresh at ambient temperatures.

It’s all in the peel

Apeel forms a thin “peel” of edible plant material on the surface of the fruit that slows down water loss and oxidation — the factors that cause spoilage.


How nature does it

Every fruit and vegetable has a “peel” to protect it from drying out and rotting. Peels are so important, every plant on land has one — from raspberries to roses. The materials that make up skins and peels are ubiquitous and we eat them every day. We use the building blocks of peels to protect fresh produce.

A microscopic view of a strawberry’s skin — and the edible building blocks of Apeel’s technology.

Apeel uses the plant kingdom’s own evolved defense to bolster produce that happen to have shorter shelf lives.

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