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We're revolutionizing food protection. Apeel is a team of scientists developing new, natural agricultural technologies. We take the unused parts of plants—the parts you don't eat—and recycle them to create a natural formula that we can use to protect food crops and keep produce fresher longer. This improves the product for consumers while helping to reduce food waste... which also means less water and energy use and reduced reliance on pesticides and chemical preservatives.

By 2050, we'll need to feed about 2.3 billion more people. With more than half of all produce grown in the developing world lost to spoilage, the ability to extend the shelf life of harvested produce has never been more important. Even in the United States, over one third of all the food we grow is lost to spoilage before we eat it. Reducing food loss will help to create abundance for everyone while preserving our natural ecosystems.

When produce is fresh, it not only looks better, it also tastes better and contains all of its nutrients. Harvested fruits and vegetables immediately begin to dry and decay, becoming less tasty and juicy as well as less nutritious. Our natural Edipeel formula reduces the need for chemical preservatives, and just as importantly, growers can avoid harvesting too early, allowing fruits and vegetables to develop full nutrition and flavor.

Pre-harvest protection relies heavily on a variety of agrochemicals, but few options exist today for keeping harvested produce fresh. These are mostly limited to costly refrigeration, wax coatings (which are largely petroleum-derived), and special packaging like shrink-wrap plastic and modified-atmosphere packages. Our patented natural peel reinforcement approach is unique, making use of plant-derived ingredients to protect produce before and after harvest without refrigeration.

So far we are able to achieve an average extension of 2 to 5 times the typical edible shelf life, and we expect to improve that performance as we optimize our edible formulas for specific produce varieties.

Two of the leading causes of produce spoilage are water loss and oxidation. By creating an ultra-thin barrier on the outside of the produce, we help keep moisture inside while protecting it from air and microbial activity, dramatically improving the shelf life of fresh produce.

All of our products are composed of natural plant extracts, which we source from recycled agricultural byproducts.

Yes, the materials that we use for our formulations are all found in huge quantities in the fruits and vegetables you eat every day. We simply re-purpose agricultural byproducts, using the uneaten plant material to make our formulations, which we reapply onto the surfaces of fresh produce.

Our natural formulas work with both organic and non-organic produce, and allow organic growers to stay organic. We are currently applying for our USDA Organic certification.

No, our natural protective formulas are clear, odorless, tasteless and completely undetectable.

Our natural protective formulas can be applied in a variety of ways, including widely-used spray, dip and paint-on methods, which makes it easy to integrate Apeel products into established workflows.

Soon! Our postharvest protection product, EdipeelTM, was successfully tested in field trials and on commercial applications in 2016, and will be used by selected growers and producers beginning in 2017. Our pre-harvest product, InvisipeelTM, is in R&D stages and will be available following successful field and commercial trials, and USDA and FDA approval.

Apeel is a privately-held company and does not offer stock for public purchase. However, you can contact us to be added to our mailing list. We'll give you periodic updates about our progress and let you know if our investment status changes.

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