A Little Extra Peel Means A Lot Of Value

Apeel protects produce by slowing spoilage-causing water loss and oxidation, keeping it fresh twice as long. Available for organic and conventionally grown produce, and an ever-growing number of categories: Apeel is the only proven end-to-end solution for freshness.

The Apeel Solution Is Already Here


  • Apeel’s first category: avocados that retain their quality with 50% or more reduction in shrink. Consumers can enjoy extended ripeness too: Freshness that won’t go to waste™.

  • Imagine asparagus with a longer shelf life. Apeel reduces reliance on air freight by maintaining quality for longer, opening up the possibilities of arrivals by sea — the more affordable, more sustainable way.

  • For citrus, Apeel enables longer shelf life and up to 60% ​reduction in mass loss. That means maintaining color and flavor. That’s t​he Apeel difference.

From strawberries to avocados, every fruit or vegetable has a protective peel that keeps it fresh. Made from plants, Apeel adds a little extra “peel” to the surface of fresh produce to slow water loss and oxidation — factors that cause spoilage.

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