Ricky Alamillo

Ricky is a Senior Process Development Engineer working on the scale-up efforts of Apeel’s chemical processes with a focus in reaction engineering, flow chemistry, and heterogeneous catalysis.

Ricky was born and raised in Santa Paula, California, and received his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara. As an undergraduate, he was active in research working with Prof. Samir Mitragotri and Prof. Susannah Scott in the Chemical Engineering department, working on a range of projects from transdermal drug delivery to designing supported metal catalysts for tandem alkane dehydrogenation and olefin metathesis.

Supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Ricky completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with Prof. James Dumesic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focused on the selective production of biomass-derived chemicals using heterogeneous catalysts, including supported metal catalysts, functionalized organosilicas, and zeolites.

As a graduate student, he participated in international summer schools in China and Finland and presented a talk as a Kokes Award Recipient at the North American Meeting (NAM) for the North American Catalysis Society. Ricky’s work has been highlighted on the covers of several journals, including AngewandteChemie, ACS Catalysis, and Green Chemistry