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Pesticide-Free Farming

Since the middle of the 20th century, agriculture has relied heavily on the use of pesticides to protect plants from the damaging influence of weeds, disease, bacteria, fungi, and insects.

Although the use of pesticides has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on farming efficiency, there is growing scientific evidence that pesticide use has a large number of unintended negative consequences.

Traditional pesticides function as cytotoxic agents—poisoning both pathogenic and beneficial bacteria, fungi and insects.

One of the most concerning repercussions of pesticide usage has been its link to declines in honeybee populations. Although efforts have been made to minimize the negative side effects of these chemicals, the similarity in cellular metabolism between species makes it incredibly difficult to poison one bug without poisoning them all.

As more of these negative environmental and health consequences are brought to light, regulatory agencies will have no choice but to mandate dramatic reductions in pesticide usage. This is already taking place in the EU.

Apeel Sciences takes a radically different approach.

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Based on the simple idea that bacteria, fungi, and insects all identify food sources via recognition of specific molecules on produce surfaces, InvisipeelTM works by fortifying these surfaces with an ultra-thin layer of chemically-contrasting molecules, rendering these foods unrecognizable to pests.

Invisipeel "cloaks" the surface of produce with a micro-thin layer of extracted plant material, convincing insects and fungi that it's not food.


Farmers face many crop-devastating pests that can cause significant losses and overall reduction in quality. Shortly before harvest, fruit crops are especially vulnerable to pests.

Invisipeel is a proprietary solution created from natural plant extracts that protects against these pre-harvest problems. By applying a micro-thin layer of Invisipeel onto plant surfaces, crops are camouflaged against these biotic stressors, providing protection for food crops with less need for traditional pesticides.

Using Invisipeel for pre-harvest protection will help to increase usable harvest and provide enhanced produce quality, enabling growers to obtain better pricing.

Our Invisipeel formula is currently in the R&D phase and is not yet released for public use.

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