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Postharvest Protection for Organic Growers

Fresher is better.

Imagine a micro-thin, invisible peel made from plant material that protects the delicate surface of fruit, reducing oxidation and water loss that cause produce to shrivel and lose flavor.

Improving the way we preserve our produce will help to conserve tremendous amounts of water, energy and other agricultural resources while protecting our ecology.


For food, from food.
Elevated temperatures, bruising, and exposure to the environment all contribute to the spoilage of fruits and vegetables before they reach the consumer. Apeel uses a patented, completely natural method to maintain freshness, reduce reliance on refrigeration, and reduce the amount of harvested produce lost to spoilage.

A solution for organic farmers
Apeel's products are a natural way to protect food surfaces from environmental stressors to help keep your produce fresher longer without the use of toxic chemicals.

Invisible protection
Edipeel is entirely invisible, tasteless and edible. When applied to the surface of fruits and vegetables, our unique plant-based formula provides a protective layer that reduces the oxidation and transpiration that cause produce to wither and become discolored.

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