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Apeel is a proud sponsor of Evolution of Organic, the story of organic agriculture as told by those who built the movement.

First Movers

Remember when "organic" food was for hippies? That's where it all started, in the 1960s culture that became aware of the world in new ways.

Dissatisfied with industrial food production and its overuse of chemicals, the grandfathers and grandmothers of the organic movement had the determination, as well as the insight, to begin learning to farm in new ways. And they became very good at it, producing better produce without chemicals. By the end of the seventies, dozens of organic farms had emerged in California.

From Origins to Mainstream

From awareness to an idea among a few people, the organic movement utlimately became a new vision of agriculture that transformed how we eat and how we think about food.

People Taking Back the Food System

Evolution of Organic recounts the roots of the organic movement through an amazing cast of people who were part of its inception, then explores the future of organic farming and its pioneers.

Where to see it: See the official screening schedule for screening event locations.

Where to buy it: You can also download the movie or buy the DVD to support this independent project.


Izzy Martin, who battled pesticides on behalf of farmworkers and schoolchildren for twenty years, tells how conventional farmers converted to organic.

In Evolution of Organic, Julie Guthman explains how "organic" split into an industry as well as a movement.

Michael Funk started the produce distribution company Mountain Peoples Warehouse in 1976, and scaled it to become UNFI, one of the largest organic food distributors.

Director, writer and producer Mark Kitchell is best known for the classic film Berkeley in the Sixties.

Film editor Bob Dalva also edited The Black Stallion, Jumanji, Captain America, Jurassic Park III and October Sky.

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